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Three things the God of Consolation Wants You to Discover

      Let us imagine the Blessed Virgin Mary saying to us the words found in the book of Baruch chapter 4: 21-30: “21 Come, take courage, my children, I have cried out to God. He will deliver you from the violence of the enemy.  22 Because I hoped for your salvation from the Eternal One, joy has come to me from the Holy One, because of the mercy that will come to you soon from the Eternal One, our Savior.  23 In tears and mourning, I saw you leave, but in joy and gladness God will bring you back to me forever.  24 As the neighbors of Zion have seen your captivity so they will soon see your salvation from God, when he manifests to you the great glory and the splendor of the Eternal God.  25 Children, bear patiently this punishment (this trial), which came on you from God. The enemy has persecuted you, but you will soon see his downfall and you will trample him underfoot.  26 My well-beloved children have walked by difficult paths, carried off like a herd stolen by enemies.  27 Take courage, my children, cry out to God, for he who sent you into exile will remember you.  28 Thus, as you distanced yourself from God, return to him and seek him ten times more earnestly. 29 For he who caused these evils to fall on you will bring you salvation and eternal joy.  30 Take courage, Jerusalem. He who has named you will console you.”  In this reading, we see three very important things that God wants us to discover in our lives. The first is that God will deliver you from the violence of the enemies of your soul.  The second is that we must bear patiently the trials that God permits in our lives.  And the third is that the one who has given you your name will console you.

Why Some People Get Sad Without Knowing Why

      Sometimes there are people who feel a great sadness come over them all of a sudden without knowing why they are sad.  This sadness is one that makes a person feel depressed and down in such a way, that this person doesn’t have the strength to even think one happy thought, let alone reflect in the great mercy of God.  This person, in his or her tears, says with Psalm 13 “3 How long must I suffer pain in my soul and grief in my heart all the day long? How long shall my enemy triumph over me?”  This sadness that comes over someone might be a sign that the enemy is present and bothering that person.  God is eternal happiness, and the devil, being the total opposite of God, is eternal sadness.  Wherever the devil is, so there is his sadness.  Whenever he comes near someone, that person feels his sadness, just like whenever the God of Consolation comes to you, you feel a peace, a joy and a love that cannot be expressed with words.  


Where Most of Our Difficulties Come From

      Besides spreading his depressive virus of sadness, the enemy also likes to present us with obstacles, so that we cannot accomplish what we have set out to do.  He also presents new difficulties that come out of nowhere, and likes to exaggerate current difficulties, so that we may see the difficulty much greater than what it actually is.  This he does while he formulates barriers to make us feel stuck in our path and makes us think that to live a Christian life as Jesus wants us to and invites us to live it is impossible.  We see a good example in the book of Ezra, chapter 4, verses 1 and 4: “1 The enemies of Judah and Benjamin learned that those who had returned from exile were building the sanctuary of Yahweh, the God of Israel…” “4 They, the people of the land, then set about discouraging the workers of Judah and frightening them to keep them from

building.”  Not only does the violent enemy present barriers, as we see here, but he tries to discourage us from working in the things of God and the things in our state of life.  Many of us have experienced this discouragement, in which we begin well, and then we lose that encouragement and motivation we once had.  This is the work of the enemy.


God Will Deliver You From the Enemies of Your Soul

      The enemy makes himself busy by presenting you with all kinds of obstacles and temptations, trying you in any way he could find possible, but nonetheless, he is not all-powerful, but a simple creature, just like you and me.  God, who is our Creator, is All-Powerful.  The enemy, in comparison with God, is all-weak.  Though the enemy is more powerful than you and me because he is an angel (an evil one of course) and pure spirit, he is at the same time less powerful than us, because God is in us.  Without God, we would crumble to pieces before the violence of the enemy.  With God, we have victory over the devil, because victory belongs to God, and we belong to God.  That is why we can quote the words found in the book of Jeremiah, chapter 20, saying, “11 But Yahweh, a mighty warrior, is with me.  My persecutors will stumble and not prevail; that failure will be their shame and their disgrace will never be forgotten.”  Our number one persecutor, the devil, will stumble and not prevail, because a Mighty Warrior, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, is with us.




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