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      "My child; when temptation upsets your interior peace, seek advice from a spiritual director. Prefer to follow the counsels of a more experienced man rather than follow your own ideas.  Satan can quote Scripture to his own purpose.  He can also imitate My inspirations in many things.  It is not always easy to discover his deceit.  Good intentions alone are not enough to make you holy.  You must be right in the course you are following.  


      I left you My Church as a sure guide to My Truth.  I have also left you My own example, and the example and words of My saints (who all had a spiritual director).   Do not be too proud to follow these helps.  Do not despise the proverbs of the past.  They are filled with the wisdom of experience.


      After you receive advice, be wise and humble enough to follow it.  Try to discover the source of your temptations, so that you may root it out of your life.  A man who offers only external resistance to temptations, without removing their causes, will make little progress in virtue.  These temptations will return to him in a short while, and his condition will be the same, if not worse."


Now think about this:  

      Pride and fear prevents many from seeking needed advice.  As a result they are hurt more seriously as they go along in life. It takes humility to admit my faults and my limitations.  It takes courage to do something about them.  Will I be a fool and avoid the aid of those who can help me?  Will I be a fool and avoid the continuing aid of a spiritual director?  Secondly, may I never refuse to others the sympathetic understanding and assistance which I would want if I were in their trouble.

Let us pray:  Dear Father of Wisdom, Lord of Mercy, grant that I may never be so proud and so foolish as to refuse advice.  I want to live an intelligent life.  If the advice of others increases my wisdom in action, give me the humility and courage to follow it.  In this way, I hope to avoid or defeat the temptations of my daily life.  Amen.


                             From "My Daily Bread"

                             Confraternity of the Precious Blood




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